At Bluetank we pride ourselves in having better processes, people and planning.
You are guaranteed value for money through a well-defined set of processes that underpin our way of doing business throughout the project life-cycle, while interacting with proffessional, well-informed and highly trained individuals.

When it comes to integrating multi-channel marketing solutions we lead the pack with ideas, processes and results. We believe in efficiency and effectiveness so much that we went looking for solutions to the complex dilemma of writing an application for android then writing one for apple or windows, our approach is to "Write once, Run Eerywhere" effectively saving you valuable time and money.
This and many more are reasons that make it necessary for your company to make Bluetank your Digital Solution Provider.


We boast a team of highly experienced and educated people with a passion for being the best of the pack
and an array of skillsets ranging from Graphic Design, Database Development and Integration, Web UX/UI Design and Development,
E-Commerce and E-Marketing Specialists as well as Mobile Application Development Geniuses, yes Geniuses!!.

Our Technology

HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP, AJAX, Java, C++, C#, SQL, SQLite,Photoshop, Illustrator, Animation, Oracle ADF, Richfaces, Angular, Oracle Reports and we are constantly looking at better technologies that simplify processes and reduce costs, the savings effectively filtering down to our most valued stake-holder, YOU, Our CLient.

Our Location

Bottom right!!!!!