You are a cross-roads? Should I get a Mobile Application? Should I not?.

At Bluetank we write cross-platform or portable applications between Android and IOS effectively reducing costs of having a Mobile Application Developed. We also write highly scalable, functional, reliable and intuitive Mobile Applications for Android, IPad, IPhone and HTLM 5 Responsive websites that will effectively get your message across and increase your revenue.

Benefits of Mobile Apps

  • Economical to develop
  • Great Web Marketing Potential
  • Easily Accesible
  • In-App Social Media Integration
  • In-App Cloud Services Integration
  • Social Networking Applications
  • News Applications
  • Business Processes Enabling Applications

When to chose a Mobile Web App

  • Very Economical
  • Faster to develop
  • Spans multiple platforms
  • No Device Capabilities Needed (Camera, Location, etc)
  • Do not care much of the high-level graphics performance which is accessible with native apps only

What is a Mobile Web App

A Mobile Web Application is an applicaton written with Mobile Web Technology Implementation and runs on a browser, it is not device-specific and as such is cheaper to develop, easier to integrate with social media and market.

We also do other cool stuff that includes

  • iPhone App Development

    Are you targeting a specific user-group?.

    Bluetank can take your idea from concept-phase and see it through inception, voila! You got yourself a dependable, functional and visually appealing applications.

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  • iPad App Development

    At Bluetank we boast a team of individuals with years and years and years of combined application development experience who build iPad Apps following excellent, tried and tested processes and project management, increasing delivery time and reducing possibilities of escalating costs.

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  • Android App Development

    Android has gained traction on its competitors and a lot of users are now on the Android platform.

    This presents a great marketing opportunity for your business and Bluetank can help you exploit that.

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  • HTML 5 App Development

    When you are looking to leverage multiple platforms into one application Bluetank can help you achieve just that!

    Cross-platform, build ones, run everywhere.

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  • Blackberry App Development

    Bluetank can help you take advantage of Blackberry's market, though their market-share has shrunk in recent years Blackberry is still trusted amongst it's die-hard fans and we can help build applications that present your business to them.

    Your business might come from them.

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  • Windows Phone App Development

    Windows Phone is slowly gaining it's share of the mobile operating system pie.

    In recent years Windows Phone has introduced nice new functionality that has drawn some users to their side.

    We can help you jump-in and establish your company as a favourite amongst the current users while it gains more market-share.

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