Hybrid Applications are applications written with web technologies and unlike plain web applications can access device capabilities such as camera, local storage and accelorometer. At Bluetank we pride ourselves with being able to fully inmplement Hibrid Applications with efficiency to save you time,money and take advantage of Native capabilities.

Benefits of Hybrid Applications?

  • Create using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Cross-platform/multi-platform development
  • Use of open source technologies like Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap), SproutCore and Sencha
  • Provides more access to device features and capabilities
  • Downloadable and installable, you don't browse to it
  • Improved performance
  • Highly interactive and impressive user interfaces
  • Cost-effective

When to chose a Hybrid App?

  • Need to cover multiple platforms
  • Need such device features as accelerometer, camera or geolocation
  • Want your app to work even in the offline mode of the device
  • Do not care much of the high-level graphics performance which is accessible with native apps only

What is a Hybrid App

Hybrid, by definition is anything derived from heterogeneous sources, or composed of elements of different or incongruous kinds. A hybrid app is one that is written with the same technology used for websites and mobile web implementations, and that is hosted or runs inside a native container on a mobile device. It is the marriage of web technology and native execution.

Cross Platform

Cross-Platform Application Development allows you, the client, an opportunity to communicate your message at the fraction of the cost of Native Application Development across different mediums.