At Bluetank we design or integrate secure high-end and stable E-Commerce Websites to give your customers peace of mind and a sense of familiarity and ease when transacting from your websites.After all, we all want a sense of security when punching in our cheque or credit card numbers, At Bluetank, we can guarantee that security.

Benefits of E-Commerce Integration

  • 24-hour availability - the shop never closes
  • Global markets - neither you nor the vendor are restricted to your/their locality
  • Relatively Lower Transaction Costs
  • No barriers to entry
  • More convenient and easy business to business or "B2B" e-commerce
  • Interactivity - get immediate feedback on prices, features
  • Less paperwork - always a good thing

Why implement e-commerce?

  • Need to trade 24-hours
  • Eager to grow cliet base
  • Want to increase product-reach
  • Want to Maximize Revenue.

What is E-Commerce

eCommerce is the selling and purchasing of products and services through the help of the Internet. It basically starts with the creation of a website where you can advertise your product or integrating into an existing website.